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01. Strategy

A sustainable risk management framework implies a comprehensive and adaptable risk management strategy. Unravel One supports its clients in elaborating and implementing an appropriate methodology adjusted to every client’s specific requirement and situation.

02. Trust

Each client has specific needs. Knowing and understanding them is key to providing state-of-the-art support and services. Unravel One relies on the diversity of its competencies and skills to become an eligible and trustworthy partner for its clients.

03. Integrity

Unravel One is striving to comply with the highest integrity standards. Therefore, Unravel One is a member of various professional non-profit organizations gathering practitioners of the intelligence and investigation sector.


About us

We are a Swiss-based consulting company specializing in anti-money laundering investigations, Compliance, fraud prevention, and Cybersecurity. We provide advisory services to lawyers, intelligence-gathering investigative firms, as well as financial intermediaries, and companies.

Unravel One is providing many services to a large panel of customers. Nonetheless, our core DNA is investigations, and this explains why we have chosen to be called “Unravel One”, as we aim to untangle, decipher, and decode complex problems and situations our clients are facing.


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Who are we?

Vanessa Hungerbühler

Compliance - Forensic - Cybersécurité

Vanessa has a law degree and was admitted to the Geneva Bar in 2005. She worked for 15 years as Compliance Officer for two large Swiss banks where she handled complex Swiss and international cases. Vanessa is an experienced Senior Compliance Officer specializing in anti-money laundering.


After her admission to the Geneva Bar, Vanessa started her career in 2006 with Credit Suisse in Geneva where she joined the local Compliance team as a junior Compliance Officer. In 2014, she pursued her career with UBS in Geneva where she joined as a Senior Compliance Officer and became a member of the Management, and acted as deputy of the Compliance Head for Geneva and Romandie.

In 2021, Vanessa left UBS to found her own service company, Unravel One SNC.


As Compliance Officer, Vanessa gained a solid experience servicing a large diversity of the banking divisions such as Swiss and international HNWI and UHNWI, large & small corporates, as well as external asset managers. In 2008, Vanessa successfully followed the CAS training in Compliance and Financial service at Geneva University.

Along her career path, Vanessa acquired a solid experience in money-laundering investigations by encountering a sizable panel of criminal cases, from the simplest fraud to the utter complex schemes with international ramifications.

Today, as a founding partner of Unravel One, Vanessa aspires to pledge her investigations skills and deep understanding of the Swiss AML system to service lawyers, intelligence-gathering firms, and financial intermediaries.

Joel Cherix

Compliance - Forensic - Cybersécurité

Joël is a certified cyber expert as well as a former financial advisor. After his IT studies with a specialization in the database, Joël started his career in the Private Banking sector, then as a financial advisor for the Corporate Banking industry in 2012, where he worked for 9 years.


After he developed software for one of the largest trading commodity firms in Geneva, Joël started his banking career by joining Credit Suisse, where he worked, since 2008, for the International Private Banking Department, HNWI, and UHNWI.

In 2012, Joël joined UBS in Geneva, where he worked as a financial advisor for Corporate Banking. Considering his IT competencies, Joël also acted as a digital banking expert for the Corporate Banking team in Geneva.

Furthermore, as a digital banking expert, Joël was a member of the internal committee for Corporate banking in Geneva, in charge of discussing and monitoring the development of digitalization and its impact on companies. In 2021, Joël decided to reconnect to his first love, technology, and founded Unravel One.


Joël is a certified cyber expert and developed many competencies in open source, among others, Linux distribution, FreeBSD, and pfSense. Joël is also a confirmed OSINT investigator, familiar with open-source tools and inquiries.

As a client advisor, Joël supported his clients through the realization of their projects, from the creation of a company to its expansion. Joël pledged his expertise in financing, trade finance, and Forex to the benefit of his clients to allow them to grow and realize their financial and professional ambitions.

From his banking experience, Joël kept, among others, his interest in entrepreneurship, where he enjoys accompanying entrepreneurs pursuing their projects and meeting their needs. Becoming an entrepreneur himself, Joël is much aware of what challenges digitalization represents for companies. This is why, Joël is aiming, through Unravel One, to continue helping and supporting small and large corporates in establishing a sustainable and effective strategy in cybersecurity.