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Find out now what solutions we can offer you. Good risk management requires the development of an appropriate and evolving strategy. Unravel One supports its clients in the design, implementation and monitoring of a sustainable strategy tailored to the specific requirements of each client. 

Compliance AML

Since the adoption in 1998 of the Federal Act on combatting money laundering (AMLA), the Swiss anti-money laundering regulation has dramatically increased and thickened, submitting financial intermediaries to extended liabilities and growing expectations from the regulator and authorities.

Knowing your customer, monitoring and appropriately documenting the source of funds, performing in-depth due diligence, and reacting promptly if negative information arises, are the elementary duties of financial intermediaries from an AML perspective.

However, conducting valid background checks, possessing a good KYC, and properly assessing the risks associated with a client requires specific skills and methodology.

The current provision of blamelessness expected by the authorities towards financial intermediaries compels them to seek professional Compliance support to diminish their risk of exposure.

Based on its solid experience in the banking industry, Unravel One supports financial intermediaries in implementing the latest Swiss and international AML requirements on combatting money laundering.

Unravel One’s mission is not only to proactively participate in the global anti-money laundering network but to offer solid and reliable assistance to financial intermediaries to help them diminish their exposure to regulatory, legal, and reputational risks.

Reputational risks - fraud prevention

In a global and digitalized environment surrounded by information, it is of paramount importance for any company to protect its reputation and to foresee potential injuries to it. As Mr. Warren Buffet used to say: “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it”.

Anticipation and prevention are key elements to reputational risk management as it is much more unforeseeable and costly to repair a damaged reputation than to preserve one, even without any legal or financial sanctions. This remains true in terms of fraud prevention. Assessing properly its organization, reviewing, and testing its internal processes, and identifying gaps and failures are of the utmost importance to prevent the occurrence of internal and external fraud. Unravel One has solid expertise in risk management in various fields of human activity. To assist its clients to protect their reputation, Unravel One performs enhanced due diligence as well as comprehensive reports providing ESG insights on a particular case, a business partner, or a business opportunity.


In view of the digitalization and complexification of the information systems, companies are nowadays constrained to implement a comprehensive risk management strategy to ensure the protection and safekeeping of their data.

In fact, many companies do not have the know-how or the resources within their own organization to elaborate and implement a suitable IT security strategy on information systems.

Unravel One conceives information system risk management with a comprehensive approach, the sole improvement of hardware or software being insufficient.

In collaboration with its clients, Unravel One designs and elaborates a suitable information system risk management strategy adapted to each client’s needs and business specificities. Furthermore, in accordance with its holistic approach to IT security, Unravel One also provides ad-hoc training to the management and employees to increase their understanding and knowledge of the risks associated with the use of information systems.


The development of social media and the Internet profited fraudsters, smugglers, and crooks to expand their activities and enabled them to reach out to an enormous number of potential victims. Cyber criminality offenses such as phishing, social engineering, and identity theft, to say the least, became a worldwide phenomenon that is difficult to constrain.

As it goes, concealing the source of funds, and shifting assets from one jurisdiction to another has never been easier thanks to new technology and globalization.

Therefore, a prompt reaction from the victim is mandatory in trying to gather evidence, freeze the assets, and collect all data that could be used during the investigation.

Unravel One offers this unique combination of providing all together Compliance AML and retracing funds expertise, cumulatively with cyber knowledge and investigation methods.